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Send in Your Own Tumbler for Engraving Service

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Upgrade your standard tumbler with our specialized Engraving Service. Say farewell to ordinary tumblers and welcome a unique, personalized creation. Before finalizing your purchase, please check out the details below:

How the process works:

  1. Choose type of tumbler you are sending in from the drop down menu.  Soft Matte Tumblers are not compatible with engraving. **Let us know if there's any damage on the tumbler before purchasing as it may affect the engraving process and final result.  If you don't see the tumbler you want engraved on the options list, please reach out to us at to see if your tumbler is compatible.
  2. Choose your design from the drop down menu, add personalization info if desired. *We do not create custom designs for Customer Supplied Tumblers.
  3. Once you've made your purchase, you"ll receive an email with address and shipping instructions. (please make sure your email address is entered accurately!)
  4. Clean your tumbler and remove the straw and lid.  (do not ship straw and lid)
  5. Take reference photos of all 6 sides.  top/bottom/front/back/handle side/non handle side.

  6. Within 3 days of purchasing, carefully package your tumbler with bubble wrap, and ship in a sturdy box. Island Jungle Designs is not responsible for any damage or loss during shipping. Using insurance is recommended.
  7. Once you ship your tumbler please email us the tracking number
  8. Once we receive your tumbler, we'll inspect it for any damages or scuffs and let you know if we find any.  We will also be taking 6 reference photos before engraving.
  9. Your tumbler will then join our queue for engraving. Our turnaround time is typically 7 business days from the following day we receive it.
  10. When the engraving is done, we'll package and ship it back to you via USPS Ground Advantage with shipping insurance. The return shipping cost is included in the original purchase.

Please note, while we aim for perfection, there is a possibility of equipment malfunction during the engraving process. Unfortunately, there may be instances when we are unable to replace the tumbler as it was not purchased by us. However, we will make every effort to resolve any problems and deliver a beautiful engraved tumbler. Additionally, there may be slight imperfections on the metal beneath the powder coat that may only be visible after the engraving process. These imperfections are out of our control, but typically not significant or noticeable.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lovejoy X.
Made the way, I wanted it - Satisfied :)

I received my Stanley at a reasonable time. It had everything I chose for it to be and I am very happy about that— great job and I love it 🥰

Denise K.
Very Happy!

I am so happy and pleased with my order. There was a question that was asked of me to where to put the name on a tumbler, it was asked to place other then what I requested. After seeing the example, I stated that yes, I take your recommendation and to please put the name on the tumbler where you best think it should go and I also asked for a font change. No problem they said, "we can do that"! I also got my order sent to me with a week. Such awesome customer service and service with my order! Mahalo plenty. My daughter loved her present. I will definetly recommend Island Jungle from now on to my ohana!

Liz A.
Love it!

This is my second purchase & a gift for my husband. Mahalo Island Jungle Designs all the way from Kuwait!

Elia F.
Fuchsia tumbler

Absolutely beautiful 🥰 🙌🏻💯

Malulani S.

Loved my order...will be getting more for my family and friends....